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Once we know what you want, we’ll put together an easy-to-read quote for you right away. We understand budgets are important, so we’re careful to give you accurate price. In the quote, we’ll include everything from major equipment and labor down to nuts, bolts and connectors. We hate surprises as much as you do, so we make sure our quotes are surprise-free. You know exactly what you’re buying. We work only with products from manufacturers who have proven to deliver quality, reliable equipment… manufacturers like Honeywell, Aprilaire, Lennox and ComfortPro.

We offer quite an array of products that can help you improve the comfort of your home and give you more peace of mind.

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Our extensive product line includes:

Furnaces: The most basic component of home heating, your furnace will help keep you and your family warm and comfortable during the cold winter months. We offer a variety of energy-efficient furnaces that provide long-term reliability and are gentler on the environment and your monthly utility bills.

Air Conditioners: Don’t sweat your way through the summer. Enjoy the comfort of a climate-controlled, centrally air conditioned environment year round. You can play hard outside and know that you always have a place to come back to where you can escape the heat. We offer a number of trusted, reliable brands of air conditioners—we’re sure to have one that suits your needs.

Humidifiers: Most people don’t realize the difference that proper humidity levels can make in their comfort and their health. If the air in your home is dry, a humidifier can help you sleep better and can cut down on bloody noses and sore throats. It can make your skin and hair look and feel better and it can even extend the life of your furniture and your wood floors.

Dehumidifiers: In some homes, dry air isn’t the problem—overly moist air is. Too much moisture in the air can cause mold to grow and can increase allergens in the air. If your air is too moist, a dehumidifier can help regulate the moisture and improve the comfort of your home and the quality of your air.

Central Air Filters: Did you know that the air inside your home contains a higher level of pollutants than the air outside? Mold, dust, pet dander and allergens floating around your home can all add up to respiratory problems and frequent illnesses. A central air filter can make a huge difference in how clean and healthy the air inside your home is and that can make a huge difference to your family’s health and comfort.

Heat Recovery Ventilators: A healthy home needs ventilation. You must have a source of clean fresh air, otherwise pollutants and mold will build up and make you and your family sick. Ventilation means higher heating bills because some of the warm air escapes into the outdoors. By installing a heat recovery ventilator (HRV), you can reduce your heating bills without compromising the air quality in your home. The HRV uses heat from air leaving the home to warm the air coming into the home and can recover up to 85 percent of the heat normally lost to ventilation.

Energy Recovery Ventilators: An energy recovery ventilator works similarly to a heat recovery ventilator. It also helps to maintain the proper humidity levels in your home by recapturing moisture from exhausted air if your home’s humidity is low or by stripping moisture from incoming air if your home’s humidity is high.

Heat Pumps: A heat pump is an economical way to help heat or cool your home, depending on the season. A heat pump captures heat from a cool environment—like the outdoors—and moves it into a warmer environment like your home. During the summer, a heat pump can help pull heat from your climate-controlled home and move it to the outdoors, which keeps you cooler.

Duel Fuel Heat Pumps: A duel fuel heat pump works with a forced air heating system that runs on propane or natural gas. In milder temperatures, the heat pump does most of the heating or cooling, working with your furnace to distribute the air in your home. In the winter, during harsher weather, the furnace will quickly come on to provide additional heat and keep you and your family comfortable. A duel fuel heat pump can work with almost any existing furnace.

Roof Top Units: For our commercial clients with high-demand heating and cooling needs, we offer roof top HVAC solutions.

Air Chillers: Air chiller systems work similarly to an air conditioner, but it uses cold water pumped through pipes to cool areas of a home or building.

Air Purification Systems: An air purification system uses ionization, HEPA filtration, UV lamps, carbon filtration, antibacterial filtration or a combination of these technologies to keep the air in your home as free from mold, pollutants and allergens as possible.

Replacement Filters: No matter what type of cooling or heating system you use to keep your home comfortable, it will work better if you change the filter regularly. A.W.E. offers a wide variety of filters so that you can always find exactly what you need to keep your heating and air conditioning system in tip-top working order.

Boilers: Residential boilers provide an alternative to traditional heating systems. A residential boiler usually works in conjunction with a radiant heat system and can provide a very pleasant, even heat throughout your home.

Water Heaters: The second biggest energy hog in your home is your water heater. Luckily, we have many options that can help you cut your energy bill while still providing you with plenty of hot water on demand. We have everything from high recovery water heaters to tankless water heaters to solar-powered water heater options. Let us help you find the solution that best fits your family’s hot water needs.

Repiping: If you live in an older home, there may come a time when your pipes begin to suffer from scaling. This will decrease water flow and pressure or create corrosion, which can lead to small leaks that put your home at risk for damage. If you’re having trouble with your home’s plumbing, we can come in and repipe your entire home with materials that are more durable and that will prevent future problems.

Sewer Line Replacement: A blockage or break in your main sewer line means it’s time to replace that line. Luckily A.W.E.® has everything you need from the parts to the expertise to the skills to get that done for you.

Fixtures: Sometimes what you need is as simple as a water closet, fixtures for your sinks and toilets. Yes, we have those, too.

Clean Water Systems: Do you want to enjoy clean, filtered water throughout your home? We have a variety of clean water systems that address your specific needs and desires and help you make sure that you and your family are getting the clean water you deserve.

Water Softening Systems: Say good-bye to bad hair days! If your hard water is ruining your fixtures, damaging your clothes and making showering an unpleasant experience, it’s time to turn to a water softening system. Water softeners remove calcium and magnesium ions from your water. These ions can damage pipes, leave buildup in your sinks and tubs, and are harsh on your hair, dishes, and laundry. A water softening system is an easy fix for all these problems.

Sump Pumps: If you live below the water table or have a deep basement, you know that basement flooding is no picnic. A little extra rain and the next thing you know, you have standing water in your basement. It damages any items you have stored in the basement and can lead to mold growth and an unhealthy home. A sump pump can keep your basement clean and dry and give you peace of mind that your home is safe no matter what the weather.

Ejector Pump: If you are thinking about installing a basement bathroom or any plumbing that needs to drain to the main line, but is below that line, you will need an ejector pump to keep things running smoothly. Don’t worry, we can help with that.

Ozone Water Purification Systems: An ozone water purification system cleans your water right in the tank, so no matter where it goes—to your sink for you to drink, to your washing machine to clean your clothes or to your tub so you can have a nice soak—your water will be free from odd tastes and strange odors. Ozone purifiers provide clean water you can count on.

Thermostats: A thermostat seems like such a small thing, but the right thermostat can keep your home comfortable and cut down on energy costs. How many times have you left for work only to return at the end of the day to find you’ve been heating your house all day long even though no one was in it? A smart thermostat will turn up the heat when you need it to and turn down the heat during the hours you’re usually away. A smart thermostat is, well… smart.

UV Systems: According to the Environmental Protection Agency, indoor air pollution is a top environmental threat. Some studies suggest that the air in your home is up to 25 times more polluted than the outdoors. The American College of Allergists says that half of all illness are caused by or made worse by indoor pollutants. That means it is essential to keep your indoor air clean, and our UV Systems can help. A UV System decontaminates air as it passes through your ventilation system, making your air cleaner and safer to breathe, while cutting down on allergies and illnesses in your family.

Solar Power Systems: If you want to save on your home energy bills, it’s time to consider solar. A solar-powered system offsets the amount of power you take from the grid each month by converting sunlight to electricity and using that to power your home instead. You’ll not only cut down on your monthly bills, you can feel proud of yourself for doing something good for the environment.

Zoning: Most home heating systems have one temperature zone. If the temperature near the thermostat drops below a certain temperature, the heat kicks on. That may not fit your lifestyle. If your thermostat is upstairs, but you do most of your living downstairs, your current system may not be keeping you as comfortable as you like and you may be wasting energy heating areas of your home that aren’t being used. A zoning system solves this problem allowing you to set different temperature zones in your house based on your comfort needs. It’ll help you save on energy costs, too.

Generators: Sometimes the power goes out. In such a situation, a home generator can supply electricity to you and your family so you don’t have to sit in the dark worrying about whether or not the items in your freezer will survive. Whatever your needs, we have a reliable, efficient generator that can meet them.

Geothermal: A geothermal heating system uses the naturally produced warmth of the earth to provide clean, efficient, cost-effective heating solutions.

Freewatt Systems: A freewatt system is a breakthrough in home heating and power. It combines a small, quiet generator with a home heating unit to provide your house with both high-quality electricity and consistent heating. The entire system is very efficient and environmentally friendly.

Radiant Heat: A radiant heating system uses hot water or other heat conducting fluids to heat the homes. The hot liquid moves through coils in the floors or walls of the home, heating the rooms as it passes through. It is more efficient than many other forms of heating because the heat is contained and not lost through ductwork. We can help you design a radiant heating system that will best suit your home and your needs.

Surge Protection: We live in a computer age, and our electric gizmos are integrated into our lives more than ever. They hold our memories, our photos, our accounts, and our calendars… things worth protecting. A surge protector can protect the electronics in your home from sudden spikes in power from the grid or from lightning strikes.

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