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A.W.E.’s high quality services for heating and cooling Naperville, IL buildings, as well as their plumbing services have made them the go-to company for locals. With our icy cold winters and hot, humid summers, a breakdown of our furnace, plumbing or air conditioner can be downright catastrophic. That’s where we can help! Our highly trained plumbers, heating, and cooling technicians are here to serve you. At A.W.E., our team utilizes the latest HVAC (Heating, ventilation & air conditioning) equipment, technology, and systems for central heating and cooling homes and businesses efficiently, properly, and within your budget.

Heating and Furnace Repair for Naperville, IL

One of the best investments you can make is to buy a high efficiency furnace and have it maintained regularly. Our experienced HVAC contractor are here to keep your family warm and help reduce the cost of heating your home.

As the Naperville Heating and Furnace experts, we offer the following services:

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Our AC services include:

  • Air Conditioner Repair- Compressor pumps, expansion valves, condensing coils & more!
  • Air Conditioning Service- Get your annual maintenance to keep your long term costs low!
  • Air Conditioner Sales- Only the highest quality systems and great prices, Buy your New Air Conditioner from A.W.E!

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All About Naperville

When it comes to finding one of the best places to live in America, look no further than Naperville, Illinois. The western Chicago Suburb has been ranked in the top five best places to live in America three out of the past six years by Money Magazine. In 2006, the city was voted the second best place to live in the United States with a population of 142,773. Located 30 miles west of Chicago, It is a thriving suburb with an average median family income of $117,110 and an average home value of $416,400.

Once a small farm town, the city has transformed into “the wealthiest city in the Midwest and eleventh in the nation with a population over 75,000,” according to a 2010 study. Located in DuPage and Will counties, Naperville is home to North Central College, the College of DuPage and tourist attractions such as Naper Settlement, Centennial Beach and the Chicago Golf Club. Our city has also been recognized for having the number one library system in the United States for nine consecutive years.

It is the fifth largest city in the state of Illinois, behind only Chicago, Aurora, Rockford and Joliet.

Repair instead of new installation

A family called us because their heating unit was not working properly. They needed the best furnace repair and installation service available. They set the thermostat and the system was on, but it seemed like the vents were producing no actual hot air. They initially called us over to discuss improving their thermal comfort with a new furnace installation. We suggested, as part of the estimate, to inspect the heating system. Our technician arrived at the home and began a quick investigation. He ended up seeing a few things wrong with their system, so we recommended doing some repair work instead of a completely new furnace installation. The homeowners were a bit skeptical, but we assured them that their system would function better than it had in years.  They agreed with our recommendations.

Central heating repair in Naperville was underway.

heating and furnace repair in Naperville was an uncomplicated job - AWE

The technician cleaned the unit thoroughly, replaced the filter and then made some other adjustments typical with many furnace repairs. Within a few hours, our job was done and the unit was working extremely well. The entire family was happy, but the father was more thrilled with the news of the completed heating repair, because he just saved the family a ton of money that they could use on other things.

The mother was concerned and worried at first; she thought that they needed to have a new furnace installed. She didn’t want their current unit to malfunction once the coldest winter months of winter came around. The technician reassured her that the current furnace in the home just needed routine maintenance performed, and it would run properly for them just as if they had had a new system installed. With plenty of reassurance, the homeowners let out a sigh of relief. Within minutes, there was heat blowing fiercely out the vents and the home was warm and toasty. The entire family said they never had that much heat coming from their vents before and the technician told them it was due to the new filter, a thorough cleaning of the furnace, and some minor adjustments that was needed for quite some time. They thanked the technician for his time and knowledge and said that when it was time for them to have their furnace installed in the future, they would be sure to contact us at Air. Water. Energy. We were glad that we had provided them with quality heating repair and saved them money.

Furnace Repair in Naperville is Professional and Timely

Our crew at Air. Water. Energy. gets all types of service calls on a daily basis. We recently received a call from a local homeowner who hired a friend to do a few odd jobs in her home. He had some work done on her furnace, which wasn’t done to standard.  It was now causing her heating system to operate far less efficiently than it should.  After this amateur work performed in the home started causing problems, she decided to call a local pro to do the right furnace repair Naperville residents can rely on. When she called us, we were more than happy to go out to her home in order to look at her system, and to determine what repairs we were going to have to render for her.

Not only did we notice that the wiring was not done correctly, we noticed the filters had not been changed in a while, and the internal configurations of the system were not operating as efficiently as they should have. She admitted her friend was talented, but not a professional. He probably did far more harm than good in trying to work on her heating system. Upon getting the call to do the much needed central heating repair work, she agreed to the estimate we gave her, and were ready to get started on the job. We initially cleaned out the system, removed and replaced the furnace filters, and we got rid of the dated internal configurations of the system. We then chose to install some newer, more efficient components so that her unit would operate more quietly and at a higher energy efficiency rating each time she ran it.

Not only were we able to undo the damage her friend had done, we were able to get it up and running as if it were a brand new furnace.  We only had to do a few internal repair and configuration changes. Now her system is not only pumping out hot air during the colder months, it is operating quietly, and we were able to help reduce her energy bills by almost half compared to the year before.

We not only did the job for her in a timely fashion, we were able to undo the harm, which her handy man had done.  We gave her a very reasonable quote price for the work, which she hired us to do on her central heating in the home. She was pleased with how quickly we got the job done for her.  She told us how surprised she was that the rate that we gave her was just about the same rate she was paying her friend to do the work for her.

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